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'pro gay' german olympic uniforms

canada’s pro gay PSA about olympic luge

google stands up for gay rights in olympic doodle

this makes me extremely happy

Except these “protests” do little to nothing to actually help queer people.

Let’s start with the fact that the protests against Russia are all couched in the language of “gay rights”— not queer rights, mind you, not lgbt rights, not gender or sexual minority rights… but “gay rights”. This phrasing deliberately refocuses concerns about discrimination and violence away from the most at-risk groups in the lgbt community: the transgender community (and specifically trans women) and refocuses it on the least at-risk group in the community— coincidentally, the faction that often has the most political power and income to fund these sorts of advertisements to begin with.

The term “gay rights” is also a phrasing that chooses to ignore the imperialism that comes with demanding specific WESTERN identities are recognized by the rest of the world. A good deal of resistance against queer and other identities in these places is rooted in the resistance against western imperialism. It’s not that any of these places have never had gender and sexually variant populations of their own— it’s that, in part, the west has claimed a monopoly on classifying these identities and deciding what they mean. By insisting that they are the universal terms of identification and meaning the west is effectively reaching into local populations and saying “we know what you are— you have to identify within our identity system because no other system exists!” which is a way of marking people as outsiders within their own communities which may be engaged in a struggle against other aspects of western power and influence. People are pretty sick of the west meddling in local culture and identities and “gay rights” comes across as another attempt to do so. The more the west pushes itself to be associated with “gay rights” the more that these populations become ostracized and at-risk within their own communities. 

Also, note how most of the countries or corporations above are not actually OPENLY or TRULY supporting these rights? Don’t even get me started on Germany. Germany has so many internal problems with its gsm/queer/lgbt communities and recognizing their rights. Yet, they have a colorful uniform which they OPENLY DENY is in support of gay/lgbt/gsm/etc. rights and people are lauding this? Is Germany changing their own legislation to be more queer-friendly? Fuck no! They’re doing NOTHING. Don’t congratulate them on that. 

Google? Again, what are they changing right now that actually helps people? 

"Canada"? As far as I can tell the CIDI is acting on its own. I can’t find its funding information, but one institute hardly represents an entire country. Also, again, what changes are being made in Canada to actually back up this apparent "support"? Oh, wait… nothing.

Basically you’re looking at a propaganda machine that targets liberal / “social-progress” groups. These propaganda producers are trying to gain credit and support for taking on the role of the whistle-blower. They’re pointing to Russia and saying “How terrible! look! How awful! See, we recognize that it’s awful! That makes us better by comparison!” BUT THEY’RE NOT ACTUALLY TRYING TO ENACT MEANINGFUL CHANGE FROM THAT. THEY’RE JUST TRYING TO USE OUR OUTRAGE AND DISGUST AS PROPAGANDA FOR THEIR OWN NATIONALISM AND/OR CORPORATE IMAGE. THEY ARE LITERALLY DOING NOTHING TO HELP US. THEY ARE ONLY TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US. WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING WE ARE LAUDING PEOPLE FOR DOING? 

Wow, I am so mad. “Awareness!!!!” is not necessarily support. “Support” is not necessarily meaningful change or impact. We are being used. Please stop rewarding people for using us.

Thank you for typing that.

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Due to the comment I see things different. Thank you.

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